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Psychedelic melodic style guitarist with a heavy Psytrance influence *Very psychedelic trance sounding* Influences from Infected Mushroom, Talamasca, Astral Projection, 1200 Micrograms to other bands such as Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles and Shpongle.

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Fractal Vision - Live-set 3rd Nov 22
  • Fractal Vision - Live-set 3rd Nov 22

Fractal Vision - Live-set 3rd Nov 22

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Fractal Vision - Live-set 3rd Nov 22

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Psytrance Full-on WAV download full version - 1 hour 2 minutes long (listen above or in player below) Tracklist; Light Body, 5d Jam Session, Blast off, Psy Shamanic, Psychedelic Breakthrough, Into the Vortex (Ant-Alien production template)

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This track is a second version (not available on public stores) of a track that was initially from my album called 'Psychedelic Breakthrough' until I had to create another version as I wasn't able to clear the sampled quotes to be able to do a commercial release.

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