Fractal Vision is a Psytrance project created by Josh Lipman. 

Josh took up the guitar when he was 16 when he was listening to artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Guns N' Roses and Steve Vai. This really sparked a passion within him and as he further progressed, he started listening to a lot more Trance music and also a lot of other Electronic based music. He then went through an experimental phase on both the guitar and production. Exploring Classical, Jazz and Rock and this further developed his own style. Going through a phase of listening to Jazz guitar players such as 'Wes Montgomery' and 'Django Reinhard' and this further developed his style on the guitar. 

When he discovered Psytrance, listening to artists such as ‘Astrix’ and ‘Infected Mushroom’, he felt a deep resonance and felt very drawn to the vibe. When he went to his first Psytrance party called Illuminaughty, he loved the expansiveness that these parties offer and the sense of liberation you feel. It is the movement behind the scene that Josh really resonates with. 

‘Fractal Vision’ has drawn comparison to ‘Sun Projekt’, ‘1200 Micrograms’, ‘Liquid Soul’,  ‘Infected Mushroom’ and ‘Ozric Tentacles’. His music can be very uplifting with a chilled vibe to it while also incorporating high-energy guitar riffs and dark overtones. 

Josh’s has created 2 albums, first (2018) is called ‘Internal Unification’ and the vibe of it is about the spiritual aspect of Psytrance. Since then he has done many single releases.

Most recent 'Psychedelic Breakthrough'